System and Houserules

This game uses the Star Wars Saga system, the books for which are available here. Applied to that is the Mass Effect conversion here.

Characters will start at 6th level, using the classless variant (described in the next section). Characters may possess up to 60k of personal gear; restricted or military gear is fine, and illegal gear can be obtained but probably should not be caught on their person. They can use any of the following arrays for attributes (all of which were generated by rolling 5d6 and dropping the lowest 2):

  • 18, 17, 16, 15, 12, 10
  • 18, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12
  • 17, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13


  • That’s right, there are no classes.
  • Characters have 24+Con modifier HP, plus d8+Con per level (and the same total of shields/barriers).
  • Characters receive a +3 “class” bonus to distribute among their defenses ( +1 to all, +2 to one defense and +1 to another, or +3 to one). This increases to a total of +6 at level 10.
  • Characters begin with nine feats, which can be spent on Skill Trainings, Weapon/Armor Proficiencies, and any other feats they for which can meet the prerequisites. They receive an additional feat every level after first.
  • Characters also get a number of Skill Training feats equal to their Intelligence modifier (if positive) for free. Increases to intelligence grant additional Skill Trainings.
  • Talents from base classes can be picked by any character, provided that any prerequisites are met. Characters gain two talents to start, and an additional talent every odd level after 1st.
  • Prestige class talents require whatever prerequisites their prestige class had and not selectable at 1st level (ignore any other level requirements). After that and once the prerequisites are met, the character can acquire them as they would any other talent. The prerequisites for these talent trees are listed here for convenience.
  • Similarly, prestige class features are converted into feats, as described here.


  • BAB
    • Characters have a BAB equal to half of their level, round down.
    • There is now a feat called Combat Training which increases this to three-quarters of level, round down.
    • All BAB requirements for feats and talents are halved in compensation.
  • Defenses
    • All characters add half their level to their defenses, instead of their full level.
    • Characters now add the higher of their Strength and Constitution modifiers to their Fortitude defense, the higher of their Dexterity and Intelligence modifiers to their Reflex defense, and the higher of their Wisdom and Charisma modifiers to their Will defense.
  • Skills
    • Untrained skills have a bonus of half the character’s level plus the appropriate ability modifier, as usual.
    • With Skill Training, that increases to three-quarters of level plus the appropriate ability modifier, and characters can attempt trained-only skill functions.
    • The bonus from Skill Focus is reduced from +5 to +3.
    • The various Skill Team feats no longer grant the base +3 bonus, but the bonuses from nearby allies with the same feat is no longer a competence bonus and thus stacks with Skill Focus.
    • The DCs of all biotic and tech powers are reduced by 5 in compensation.

System and Houserules

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